Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well Hello Fall!

Can you believe it?  Fall is here!  It's time to layer these...
with these!
Aren't you excited?  I just love layering jackets over tees and cute tops.  Especially when I can throw on a cute scarf to match!  I found that great denim jacket and scarf while I was shopping at Ann Taylor Loft last week.  That's my all time favorite store and I can't resist a good sale!  I just love their style and the sophistication.  I feel like it's one store that fits the in between "junior" clothing and "granny" clothing.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with these styles if that's what you are.  However, when you are a 20 or 30 something, you don't want to look younger or older than your age!  Sometimes it seems hard to find stylish clothing that is also functional.  You know what I that you can chase a small, fast child around in, clothing that you can run errands in and clothing that makes you feel good about yourself all at the same time.
I love to look stylish, but sometimes it's difficult to pull a whole outfit together.  That's where Loft comes in, everything I find there is stylish in it's own way.  Even their plain t-shirts have a cute flair about them.  Dress them up with a cute necklace or cute shoes and you are ready to head out the door.  Like this cute shirt and necklace, pair it up with dark denim and ballet flats and you've got yourself a stylish look.  If it gets too cool for just the shirt, throw on a cute cardigan or jacket and it gets you through fall.  I love this fancy sweater and necklace, although the cute flower on the shoulder probably wouldn't last long if Little Man got a hold of it!
I'm so glad the fall weather is here.  I'm planning a closet switch up for later in the week.  Bye bye summer time, hello fall!  What's your favorite fall outfit?

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  1. I love Ann Taylor Loft too! It's my favorite and they have maternity clothes online too! :) I love your blog, it's so cute. I need to send you an email to view Ella's blog. :)



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