Monday, October 25, 2010

Baked Potato Soup

I have been looking for a fantastic baked potato soup recipe recently.  I didn't have the courage to try any until I saw this one.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I would love it.  And I did, and so did my taste testers.  I followed the recipe for the most part, with a few exceptions:  I left out the onions, substituted whole milk and regular sour cream.  I'm not anti low fat, it's just what I happened to have in the house.  I am anti onion though, at least on my baked potatoes and baked potato soups.  Feast your eyes on this!
Don't you want to grab a spoon and dig in?  I did!  The soup was so creamy and smooth.  I mashed my potatoes until there were no chunks...I don't like chunky potato soup.  I think it gave the soup a little something extra!  And look at these toppings...oh my!  You can't go wrong with cheese and bacon!

I think that we each had two bowls, it was that good!  The flavor was fantastic.  A perfect combination of potatoes, milk and cheese!  Serve it up with some yummy rolls and dinner is ready!  It was so fast once you baked the potatoes (allow an hour to bake them in the oven) and easy!  Throw it all in a pot and watch it simmer!
I love a good soup in the fall, even though it's still 80 degrees here!  What's your favorite fall soup?

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  1. Potato soup is always so comforting, not to mention delicious. As for me, I love a good bowl of Portuguese Bean Soup.



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